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Integrated laboratory for science and maths facility is furnished with basic experimental tools and apparatus at the disposal of students from both junior and senior sections.

The ideal location and spaciousness of the room facilitate both the teachers and students to conduct experiments  at the most comfort level.


The primary objective of installing computer lab in the school is to attain computer literacy among the school’s students. There are number of computers installed in the lab and students are showing keen interest to learn about computer subject. Computer classes are taking from IV to X, and periods are equally allotted for all the classes. Students are learning basic computer application to advance courses radically on the ground of computer curriculum framed for each classes.

There is also internet connection in the computer lab, which is being fully utilized and drowned full benefit by the students, specially for the purpose of education. It also served as a great source of reference and information hub for the student’s of higher classes and most of the projects work of different subjects are done with the help of internet facility.


Library is yet another great asset of the school. Fortunately school library is equipped with wide range of books from reference to story book and magazines etc. The students of all grades can find their interest of book from simple to complex.

The reading room avail the facilities to students around thirty to forty at a time with its exotic and airy environment. The library periods to all classes encourage the students to make best use of facility and often exhibits in their learning process.

School library remain open throughout the day. Both the staff and students have fully access to the library facility and enrich their knowledge by exploring different kinds of books available in the library.


Game and sport form a vital part of school curriculum including yoga teaching to enrich student mental and physical health and remain good in spirit all day long. Apart from conducting tournaments and games as per school calendar.

The concerned teacher has introduced inter-class chess competition which was enthusiastically welcomed by the students. Besides regular morning exercise period of the students is being supervised by the school PET.


Interactive learning of both English and Tibetan languages sustain through audio-visual lab. By interacting with their fellow students on certain topics can build the level of self confident among the students and audio visual confirms this platform for the students.

Learning through visual impact proved huge success and satisfactory at great extend. So, whenever teachers collected any kinds of audio visual material related to the subject can be shown through lab. Students also exhibit similar interest and enjoying the moment of learning through it, which is the key significance of audio-visual lab.


School dance and music department is the instrumental in sustaining and promoting our rich cultural heritage among the students. The rich cultural costumes and musical instruments availability didn’t fail to occupy the interest of students to learn the traditional music and dance under supervision of dance and music teacher.

The students of every category are profusely exposed to playing musical instruments and learning traditional song and dance as well.


School is being attached with various facilities to enhance teaching and learning process in a wider prospective. A part from all these facilities resource centre is one of the important place, where teachers can prepare their different teaching aids for the teaching purpose. They can also utilize different teaching aids available in the resource centre, whenever necessary. This resource centre proved great helpful for both the students and teachers to strengthening their knowledge and also served as a purposeful  teaching aid to the school’s staff.

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