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My pledge on 80th birthday of H.H The 14th Dalai Lama.

My pledge on 80th birthday of H.H The 14TH Dalai Lama are first of all I will start this day in a pure and good soul and I will solve all my grievances in a gentle way. I will try to be a blue blood and altruistic person like Dalai Lama and Mahatma Gandhi etc. Most important thing I will spend most of my time in learning education. I wish to god that may this day bring positive character in all the human being. I pledge that on 80th birthday of 14th Dalai Lama I will make my bond stronger than before between me and nature.

Ms Gurmey Lhamo

Dream of my life.

Dream gives you a direction.

Everybody has a dream

If you want to achieve your dream,

You have to work hard from now.

The dream of my life can take me to the great height,

I will try day and night to fulfill my dream.

I keep thinking about my dream,

I can’t even sleep at night

I want to fulfill my dream and achieve it in reality,

I will make it come true,

To show my inner strength

I am trying hard to spread my wings,

That it can take me to my dream.

We don’t have time to waste,

We don’t have time to misuse,

We have to take step forward on our goal.

I am confident in my mind, that one day I will fulfill my dream.


Good morning everyone and here I am priviledged and honoured to say few words on Tibetan‘s courage.

I have dreams and I Imagine them with my open eyes always and here I’m presenting it to you. I have a dream that one day, wind in the front of Potala will not wave the Chinese flag and will wait with patient till Tibetan flag on that flag stand. I have a dream that one day, even the president of china will become the follower of his holiness and praise the truth of Tibetans. I have a dream that one day, there will be no face of Chinese seen in Tibet and around the rivers and mighty sea of Tibet. I have a dream that one day there will be no Tibetans across the globe and slaving under white but will retrace3 to Tibet. I have a dream that one day, we all will be behind this great Himalaya, together celebrating our independence day. I have a dream today and I will have a dream tomorrow. I have a dream that one day UNO will invite us with great dignity in their confession as one of permanent member organization. With this hope I live and with this faith. I am able to stand and make you stand for the brightest future of independence Tibet. I am waiting the day when we all are enjoying our freedom and together we sing the song. “our country, was a free country, was a land where our fathers died, land where we have ancestors pride and nature’s bright,” so let freedom ring from the secret seas of north eastern Amdo, let freedom ring from the great rivers of south eastern Kham, let freedom ring from western barriers u-Tsang and also freedom sing from the great wall of China. These are the dreams that I hope will come true. and I am waiting for it. my country man don’t forget where you are belong and where your parts belong. You are a Tibetan and rising for Tibet is a proudful job not a shameful job. At last with the glory of lords, truth will prevail soon and when we will unite no obstruction seems big and can block us. with blessing of god, we all will be able to say Tibet is a free country, Tibet was a free country and forever Tibet will be a free country and with word.

We are free at lat,

We are free.

We are free at last.

Kunga Chime Class X

My Most Adorable Mom

Ngawang Kalden(Class VIII B)

In the past few days ago, I found myself in the bad condition. But right now I found myself in the average condition. Today I want to tell about those days of hard work of my mother. In surrounding of very feeble and ill-facilities, I have grown up. As a poor boy of a generous man, who is my father. When I took my step in this world my brother has already taken the step. For our studies, my mother started working in carpet factory. For finishing a carpet, the factory paid my mother Rs.50/-. These days that amount is not much, but in those days, it meant a lot. After it came to Rs. 100/-, my mom sent me to school. She started working day and night, years and years. As a result, her finger was about to cut but we came to a good level condition. My mom is too kind to me. I cannot express my mother’s kindness neither in very few words of mine nor even in a blank of paper. I am not expressing my feelings but expressing the truth.


My Wonderful Teacher

Tsering Choezom (Class VIII B)

I can’t imagine how important you are. I came to school at the age of five. I was very small. I didn’t know anything. I was like cows and dogs. From the starting of the day in the school, I was very sad and I really missed my mom. I always used to cry at night before going to bed. After some days, I did everything what teacher wanted me to do because I got a very good teacher like my mom. She taught me how to read, how to sit, how to eat and talk etc. After some days I felt like I was with my mom, because I got a teacher like my mom. When I met that teacher I forgot my mom. When I went to home for holiday, my mom was very happy to know that I have learnt something in the school. That teacher was something who dragged me out from the darkness. From that I knew the reason why mom sent me very far from her. Now I could read, write and I can do everything. If I hadn’t met a teacher like her I might not have become like now. She was the one who brought me in the light and on the right path. I never forget her kindness in my life. She was the most wonderful teacher that I have ever met in my life.

I was a change person after the intervention by my teacher

“If you want to travel fast, keep to the old roads” which proverb was explain by my teacher. Actually I was small enough to behaves like as innocent child. I doesn’t give concentration properly. Due to such a annoyed today I can’t even know how to choose the right path. All the time was been to doubt and aweful. Nothing has left to come beautiful day. More than 2 year I pass like that eventually in class VI, I got a beautiful teacher who guide me as her own child from her I know the right path what have to choose, when I am capable to pass class X. Actually at that sense I felt very wonder how I can thought my future at in this small stage. But the time was excitedly gone and I can’t get any aim to succeed, some kind of my friends was thinking about the future what they can going to be. The facts is they are very good at all the subject and capable to handle all the works. Me like some fellow are left and also be like a small child as innocent. My parents have high expectation for me as the doctor. Every second I was upset and thought how I can succeed their wishes. when I reach in the class IX, it was the turning points of my life and first time I like study that mind was the source of my beautiful kind hearted teacher which was belongs to my best teacher forever and she was ever had in my life as well as inner soul. Due to her guide and love make me more and more interesting the study. From her I got lot of right choose to handle  beautiful jobs.

Many month I pass with her and my strength was progress very first. She also appreciate me how I did progress and so I know how to learn education. From that my hopes are been arise and expectation was also came to be the succeed. So I wonder that how my teacher was handle my difficulties and unserious mood. In these earth how many folks are like her and more as her.

Lobsang Palden(Class IX A)