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School Activity 2015

School organised a prayer service for the H.H.Tsetrul Rinpoche.


School distributed winter cloths of the students.

School commemorated 26th anniversary of noble peace prize day of H.H The XIVth Dalai Lama with the life long prayer service and offering of Tibetan traditional scarf to the portrait of H.H Dalai lama, followed by cultural show presentation by the students, distribution of certificates to the students who have secured first position in the Tibetan handwriting contest organized by DoE, best boy and girl certificates were also awarded to Tenzin Namdak and Tsering Choezom. Some of our students and staff also participated in the marathon organized by local Himachal Pradesh.

(Photo by Tenzin Rabgyal)

Tibetan committee has organized a inter class Tibetan hand writing contest. Students from class I to X participated in it.

As a part of TPD program book review session was held under the respective group leaders and the documentation of reviews by individual teachers was maintained.

(Photo by Ngawang Choeney )

School nurses have organized a program on world aids day, where students of class IXA and IXB were sought to stage a drama related to the aids day. Also inter class essay contest conducted for all the classes and the winner of the contest were given prizes through school principal. A letter of aids awareness program was also read for the audience.

(Photo by Tenzin Rabgyal and Yeshi Topgyal)

As a part of practical activity in social science and maths for class X, students has been taken to the SBI bank in Chauntra town to have first hand information on credit and distribution system, while doing the economic chapter of money and credit. The visit was collaborated with maths and social teaching based on banking, which has process a quite fruitful in hovering maturity in the areas of said chapter and to view the world economic forums through the window of understanding. The visit was paid under the assistance of Mr Neeraj Singh (maths) and Tsering Youndon (social).

(Photo by Tenzin Rabgyal)

School had organized a farewell party to SFU teacher’s trainees, and offered a token of appreciation Tibetan traditional scarf and gift by principal. Similarly students have performed their dances and songs to make a day a memorable one.

(Photo by Tenzin Rabgyal)

Mr Tashi Dhondup la english resource person of TPD paid visit in the school to conduct a workshop to the school teachers for two days. He had shared his TPD program to the school staff on his first day and in the second day he had organized an informal teaching learning practice with the English language teachers in particular.

(Photo by Nawang Choenyi)

Mr Dhargyal la from TCV Suja invited in the school as a part of TPD program. He had reflected upon TPD program through power point presentation

(Photo by Tashi Tsering)

Ven Ngawang Tsundue la visited in the school to observe Tibetan dialectic debate. He had undergone all the classes to have a glance on riglam activity and its progress during his stayed in the school.

(Photos by Ngawang Choenyi)

STS Chauntra video club has brought out second addition of “Students Corner”, in which first part includes’ students self composed poem and essay in Tibetan. In second part we have an interview session with the ex-captain Tenzin Tsechok.

Children day celebration in the school, some special program arranged with the variety of activity to entertain the student on children day.

(Photo by Tenzin Rabgyal

School students were taken out for the picnic during the world paragliding competition held at Bir. They have a great time in witnessing the world paragliding competition with the colorful paragliding across the sky. Also our students were invited to participate in the culture show presentation at the end of ceremony. School had arranged a lunch for the students and staff at Bir day school.

(Photo by Lobsang)

Students have organized a program related to “Middle Way Approach” (UMAYLAM) formally adopted by the CTA for peaceful conflict resolution between Tibet and China in a meaningful way. In order to make it awareness about the middle way approach, they prepared speeches, power point presentation and drama to educate on the topics.(Photo by Ngawang Choenyi)

Tibetan committee has conducted a mass Tibetan spelling test for the students of class V to X. The prime objective of this event is to escalate student’s Tibetan spelling and listening power, which ultimately help in sustaining Tibetan language proficiency and enrich their Tibetan spelling at the most.

Library coordinators meeting held at Delhi organized by DoE Dharamsala from Oct 7 to 9 2015 regarding cluster meeting and exposure visit.

(By Tenzin Kunsang)

“Tibet our country project” observed in the school with the sentiment to preserve our ancient Tibetan culture and tradition in a unique way. The class teachers and students tend to exhibit maximum collection related to our tradition, so as to have a variety of items for the visitor to profusely revive and learn something about our rich culture etc. Students from all the classes were vehemently participated in the Tibet our country project and presented their items by illustrating it in a best possible way.

(Photos by Tashi Tsering)

DoE education officer Mr Samdup la accompanied with Tibet fund staff visited in the school with the purpose to install class room reading corner for the class I to III. In the mean time they brought numerous children books to the students to have an easy accessible within their class room premises.

(Photos by Tenzin Rabgyal)

The concerned subjects’ teachers had a meeting with the students of class IX, where they revealed students performance in the exam, subsequently declared individual result and motivate them to have a colourful result in the coming day.

(Tsering Choedon)

Ms Tenzin Yangdon counselor of STS Paonta Sahib visited in the school for few days; she had conducted a series of counseling program to the students of class IX to X. The programs consist of career planning, career options, psychological test, individual counseling and interaction with teachers.

(Photos by Ngawang Choenyi)

We, the two escort teachers (Sir Tenzin Choeyang and Sir Neeraj Singh Thakur) with 25 students (17 girls and 8 boys) went to special tour on third day of October 2015 around 6:30 AM. We reached Attari border (Wagha border) at around 4:00PM, which is 32 KM from Amritsar. Here we watched the Retreat ceremony and Pakistan Border. Then, we returned to Golden Temple (Amritsar) and after performing Holy Darshan, we take the night stay near by Jallianwala bagh. In early morning (4 October, 2015) we visited all the historic places of Jalianwala bagh (i.e. bullet Marks, Martyrs’ well). During the way we also show harvesting rice in Punjab by high tech-mechanical harvester. After that we went to puspa gujral Science city kapurthala. After taking breakfast, we visited Science city up to 5:00 PM with complete information and photographs. In the 5th, October, 2015, around 7:30 AM, we returned back to S.T.S Chauntra. On the way, around 2:30PM, we visited Kangra Fort also.

(By Neeraj Singh)

School health, counseling and science department had collaborately conducted a program on “Child sexual abuse”. The prime objective of this event is to make awareness among the students about child sexual abuse, its cause and effect. Though visual aids some animated films were shown to the students to reflect on how to distinguish good and bad habits and protect oneself from such an act. The entire school staff were gathered in the school multipurpose hall to witness the event. A part from this Tibetan and English essay, and drawing contest were organized for the students on above mentioned topics, similarly cash prizes were distributed to the winner of the contest. This program is initiated by CTA Health department, letter received via Sambhota Head office. (Photos by Ngawang Choenyi, Yeshi Topgyal)

School video club had shown a video called “students corner” during the school foundation day, which aim to give winds to the creative literary works in both the languages and also we have an interview and news section in the coming days. This prologue is to encourage our young buds to pursue their career in the field of media and learn how to face the camera in real world.

School foundation day celebrated on 1st Oct 2015, students had arranged a short program, started with lighting of butter lamp and speech on school foundation day by school principal, followed by different activity showcased by the students, and also school video club had inaugurated student’s corner film to the audience present in the school multipurpose hall.

( Photos by Yeshi Topgyal)

Collaborative teaching program initiated in the school integrated with the concerned subject teachers for few days, where key area of progress were its teaching methodology, strategy, management of class room activity and time to meet the fundamental growth of teaching and learning process in a vital prospective. On 29th Sep 2015, in a afternoon session entire school teachers gathered in the smart class room to present their collaborative teaching activity implemented in their respective class room were shared through power point presentation in the presence of school principal.

School bids farewell party to venerable Geshe Ngawang Tsundue la for rendering selfless service last for few years in the school. His dedication devotion and altruism concede no words adequate enough to express gratitude. He will be cherished for his lasting impact on Tibetan dialect debate practice formulated and inculcated in the school; as a result students are highly benefited from him. Now he will be joining as a head of riglam teacher in the Sambhota Tibetan Schools Society Dharamsala. Schools’ staff and students wish him all the success and happiness in his life ahead. (Photos by Tashi Tsering)

Mrs Paldon la from DoE visited in the school to observe school’s life skill project, she had an opportunity to view entire innovative items made by the students under the guideline of their respective teachers.

(Photos by Ngawang)

School result has been declared on 17th Sep 2015. In which parents are inform to attend the meeting to have a glance on student’s performance in the exam and also extended a platform for informal meeting with individual teacher and parent to discuss about the overall development of students.

School smart classes were used by the teachers as well as students in the process of teaching and learning purpose. These pictures were taken few days back, when students are presenting their social science projects via smart class.

School has organized inter house career quiz contest, which was funded by SOIR-IM Sweden undertaking by DoE through Sambhota. The topics of the quiz contest based on scholarship, general question related to students career, eligibility criteria and procedure for admissions to various courses, professional courses after each Stream and abbreviation. The winner of the career quiz contest is Songtsen house followed by Triral and Trisong house respectively. (Photos by Yeshi Topgyal)

Students have organized a staff day in the school to express their love and affection to the staff for their selfless service and dedication. Students didn’t fail to entertain the staff with colourful activity, which engaged the entire staff throughout the day. In the evening students and staff collaboratively presented culture show to the local public, which aim to collect fund for the re-coloring of Namgyal Choeten.

(Photos by Tenzin Rabgyal and Ngawang Choeney)


Mr Joachin Muller and Son Oliver Mullar, thank you so much for two complete sets of football uniform and 40 footballs donated towards the improvement of standard of young footballer, which received through TNSA. This would be a great beneficial for our program and we try our best to utilize it in a best possible way.

(By Palchung)

As per school activity calendar, class wise Tibetan dialectic debate presentation held in the school under the supervision of Ven Ngawang Tsundue la.

(Photos by Yeshi Topgyal)

DoE education officers visited in the school on 25th Aug 2015 as a part of annual teaching inspection. They observed class room teaching activity of teachers in their respective classes, as well as interacted with the students and teachers during their two days visit. A formal meeting was organized to evaluate on the school activity, particularly focus on the area of teaching and learning process.

(Photos by Lobsang and Tashi Tsering)

དབུས་ཤེས་རིག་ལས་ཁུངས་ཀྱིས་ལོ་ལྟར་རྒྱ་བལ་འབྲུག་གསུམ་ནང་བོད་ཡིག་ཕུལ་བྱུང་རྩོམ་ཡིག་འདེམས་སྒྲུག་སླད་ལས་དོན་རྒྱ་ཆེ་ཞིག་གནང་གི་ཡོད་པ་ལས།་དེ་རིང་ཕྱི་ཟླ་༨་ཚེས་༢༠་ཉིན་སམ་བྷོ་ཊ་ཅོན་ཏ་ར་གཏན་སློབ་ནང་འཛིན་རིམ་དུག་པ་ནས་བཅུ་པ་བར་གྱི་སློབ་མ་གསུམ་རེ་རྩོམ་ཡིག་འགྲན་བསྡུར་ནང་ཞུགས་པའི་རྣམ་པ།་ (Submitted by Tibetan committee)

Students and staff engaged in the cleanliness activity as a part of SUPW. Therefore students were distributed and allotted specific area for the purpose of cleanliness activity accompanied by school staff.

(Photos by Ngawang Choeney and Tsering Choedon)


Dr Mohanlal Panda, and Dr Calherine Barme Massun visited in the school as a part of Hepatitis B, STDs prevention programme.

(Photos by Lobsang)

An active mass Tibetan dialectic debate presentation conducted by Ven Ngawang Tsundue La for the students of class VI to X. Students were set according to the standard of class and followed class wise Tibetan dialectic debate presentation. The aim and purpose of this activity is to emphasis the nature of object and topic of learning through more rational and logical analysis and understanding.

(Photo by Yeshi Topgyal)

English committee has organized inter class drama presentation on 27th July 2015, where the students from class VIII to X were participated in it. Students tend to project their drama with the beautiful custom and eloquent style. The purpose of drama presentation is to improve speech, confident in acting and to minimize the stage fear among the students.

(Photos by Tsering Choedon and Ngawang)

School has invited Master Lobsang Gyaltsen and Thinlay Dhondup ex students of Sherab Gatsel Lobling School to share their life experience to the students of class IX and X. During their visit they have given talks on the importance of student’s life, education and how they have struggled in coming into exile for education and to have an audience of HH The Dalai lama, despite all the problem that they faced in their life.


(Photos by Ngawang)

Students of STS Chauntra participated in the Digital India programme i,e online quiz competition, specifically designed for the grade VI to XII and open to all the children. In this online quiz competition topics are based on cyber safety, cyber security and cyber ethic. Students were given a brief introduction about the format of online quiz competition and allow them to participate in the contest. Students from different grades were participated in it and received online certificate for their participation.


(Photos by Tenzin Rabgyal)

School has organized a parent teacher meeting to extend a platform for informal discussion with parents and teacher on over all development of the students. During the session of meeting parents and teachers interacted with each other and placed their view points. School had selected six members from parents’ who will going to participate in the forth coming parents meeting at Dharamsala.

(Photos by Tenzin Rabgyal)


DoE officers Mr Tsering Dhondup, and Mrs Tenzin Legzey accompanied with the resource persons Dr Mati Bernabei and Mr Kelsang Wangdu visited in the school as a part of Teacher Professional Development program organized by DoE. They have spoken about the aim and objective of TPD, and how it affects the growth of individual teacher. At the same time teachers are divided into group, and the representative from each group present their action plan emphasized on the ideas collected from their respective group. The program concluded with collecting suggestions and feedbacks from teachers.

11694988_384681075057369_8825766567659235242_n11755664_384680971724046_5742234908679923466_n(Photos by Tashi Tsering)


Inter house football match organized for the senior boys and girls, junior boys respectively. Match was played on the bases league system, which last for few days. Final round of match played on 14th July 2015. Winner in the categories of senior boys is Songtsen house, senior girls Songtsen and junior girls Songtsen.

10984607_384369171755226_2504275688772190190_n 1908087_384369328421877_1046075785834851205_n

(Photos by Tenzin Rabgyal and Tashi Tsering)

Tibetan parliament members including Mr Pema Jungney, Ven Geshe Monlam Tharchin,Ven Acharya Yeshe Phuntsok, Mr Gyarig Thar paid visit in the school on 13th July 2013. The purpose of their visit is to observe the progress and benefit of basic education policy implemented in the school. They have observed the class room teaching and learning by interacting with the students and teachers, also step around all the departments comprised of school life skill exhibition in their respective room. The separate meetings with the individual teachers were conducted to collect the opinions with regard to national curriculum framework for pre primary, primary and middle school education based on basic education policy.

11737811_384101978448612_126253639260065512_n 11755634_384102108448599_6390847014950733015_n

(Photos by Tashi Tsering and Tenzin Lhamo)

The celebration of His Holiness The XIVth Dalai Lama birthday on 6th July 2015 with great joy and happiness in the school. A day started with the offering of prayer and sangsol for the long and healthy life of His Holiness, followed by students cultural show presentation in collaboration with the Nangchen Tibetan Settlement. Students and staff engaged in the variety of activity as a mode of entertainment during the festive eve of His Holiness birthday and wishes him a joyous happy birthday on the occasion.

10253898_382680441924099_7750346323963423203_n 11692609_382697821922361_6179075258200433976_n11221838_382680498590760_2236345630377942027_n

(Photos by video and photography club)

School has hosted career and motivational talks by inviting various professionals’ personality to expose our students on vast horizon of information based on career and personality development toward different work of life. Experts have brought manifold topics suitable for the students, as a result clear their doubt in their mind and also interacted with the students in a most pertinent way. This program is organized by DoE counseling cell through Sambhota head office.

19026_380951692096974_2665321202271150110_n 11659420_380953845430092_843371919419489546_n


(Photo by Tashi Tsering and Tenzin Lhamo)

Workshop on early grade reading for parents organized by DeO Tibet fund held at BTS hall Bir, where Mrs Tenzin Kunsang (school librarian) has given a talk on how can parents encourage their child to accumulate good reading habit and advantage of reading to a nearly 60 parents.


(Photos sumbitted by Mrs Tenzin Kunsang)

As per school calendar inter class chess contest held on 28th April and final match was played on 4th May 2015. A total number of 85 participants took part in it from class I to X.

cc1 cc2

(Photo by Mr Palchung)


Tibetan spelling test held in the school for the students of class VI to X.


(Photo by Lobsang)

English committee has organized a “Sing Song Evening”, where students from class IV to X were participated in it. Each class was given an option to present their songs, which they took it in a pleasant way to express their feelings of emotion parallel to the rhythm of songs that they have chosen.

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(Photo by Tenzin Rabgyal)


Students and staff of STS Chauntra had welcome honourable Siyong Dr Lobsang Sangay at the Chauntra. He had met with the students of both the schools of Sambhota and TCV Chauntra and gave a valuable speech on importance of education and leadership. Students were given an opportunity to pose few questions, which were responded by him. He had urged the students to work hard in order to excel in their study by spending minimum of ten hours a day.



(Photo by Tashi Tsering)

School earthquake safety drill was organized by social science department which began with introduction and orientation in the morning assembly followed by the execution of mock drill at 11 am sharp. A group of students have demonstrated on the rescue and first aid measures to the categorizes victims. However show was stolen by safe evocation drill execution. The event was organized in lieu of safety awareness in general and commemoration of major hit in Kangra valley, 1905 in particular.


(Photo by Tenzin Rabgyal, Tenzin Lhamo)

School bids farewell ceremony for outgoing students of class X students, they have just finished their exam and it is their last year in the school. Keeping this fact in the mind school had tabulated short program as a marked of remembrance. Tibetan welfare officer presided as a chief guest. We wish them all a very successful life ahead.



(Photo by Tashi Tsering and Tenzin Rabgyal)